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New Year, Renewed Blog

DEAR RSS SUBSCRIBERS, ATTENTION: You are reading this post with the old RSS feed subscribed, just unsubscribe and add the new RSS feed from http://blog.andresteingress.com/feed

As you might have noticed, I decided to self-host my blog. Blog posts referring to posts hosted at wordpress.com will be automatically redirected – bookmarks and old RSS feed items are still working.

There were several reasons which let me to the decision to self-host this blog:

  • ad-free – I wanted to let Grails-Inside become ad-free, because ads are way intrusive for me – if people like stuff on this blog they can still use flattr to donate some cents.
  • faster page delivery – wordpress.com has a huge blog base, a self-hosted blog can provide faster page delivery and thus better reading experience.
  • usage restrictions – self-hosting means you’re not bound to wordpress’ restrictions on storage, plugin usage etc., getting rid of some of these restrictions has been a major requirement for content I am planning to deliver at this place during this year.

As far as I know, the migration process from wordpress.com over to my self-hosted wordpress installation went flawlessly (all posts, comments, categories etc. moved over to the new installation). If you experience issues, please let me know in this or the affected posts comment section.

Happy hacking (and reading)!

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